The Company

ARBEAUSOLutions is a company specialized in risks diagnosis and management advice for implanted vegetation on dikes, dams and banks.
The diagnosis objective is to define sectors and prioritize actions to control vegetation inducing risks, taking into account:
• properties of dikes or dams (historical background, dimensions, constitution, hydraulic functioning, particular features)
• vegetation characteristics (species, tree dimension, density, type, position on embankment, species morphological features).

Recent regulations on safety and environment make more complex vegetation management and control. Dike owners and river managers have to take difficult decisions that they have to justify.

ARBEAUSOLutions mission is to bring vegetation management integrated solutions on dikes and dams.

About ARBEAUSOLutions

After 6 years of research and development work conducted in the Irstea laboratory (formerly Cemagref), ARBEAUSOLutions was created in order to carry on with diagnosis activities demanded by managers and owners of dams or dikes covered by forest.

After it was admitted to the Inter-University Impulse incubator in March 2012 (, the ARBEAUSOLutions project was laureate of the Dispositif d’Amorçage de Provence, organized by Pays d’Aix Développement in April 2012 ( The training program taken in the Regional Institute for Creation and Business Development allowed for the creation of ARBEAUSOLutions in January 2013.

ARBEAUSOLutions company was the laureate of the « Le Phare » competition in Marsh 2013, ans was elected as the Best Innovant Project.

Since July 2013, the company is  the laureate of the regional association of Réseau Entreprendre PACA ( In January 2015, ARBEASOLutions was once more laureate of Total Développement Régional (

On April 2016, Caroline Zanetti is « Lauréate d’Argent du Prix Chef d’Entreprise Prometteuse ».