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Ecopasture : A vegetation management method on hydraulic structures

Ecopasture is an ancestral method which allows vegetation controlling and managing.

It consists of putting a herd of cows, sheep or goats to graze on a zone colonised by high growth vegetation and/or difficult to access by mechanical equipment and therefore to avoid the use of phytochemistry products whose use is prohibited within 5 meters of water courses.


That is why, since 2016, ARBEAUSOLutions works in collaboration with the company Danved & Co (http://www.danvedetco.fr/) in order to propose new solutions to manage herbaceous, shrub and woody vegetation implanted on hydraulic structures.

See also the article : https://mrmondialisation.org/des-biquettes-rejoignent-la-lutte-contre-une-plante-invasive-asiatique/

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